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Celebrating American Red Cross Month

Celebrating American Red Cross Month

Posted by on Mar 11th 2024

Every March for over 75 years, the United States has celebrated American Red Cross Month to honor those who volunteer their time, give blood, learn lifesaving skills, or donate to the organization. Each year, the American Red Cross:

  • Responds to ~65,000 disasters across the country
  • Delivers over 6.3 million blood products to patients at 2,500 medical facilities
  • Helps ~120 million people outside of the US through disease prevention and disaster services

Back in 1943, the first Red Cross Month was proclaimed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to raise awareness for the organization, and each president since has made the same designation each March.

Though you don’t have to wait until this celebration each year to support the Red Cross mission, below, we’ll go over some of the ways you can take part in this national tradition. You can also visit this page to find out how your local chapter is celebrating American Red Cross Month.

Give Blood, Plasma, or Platelets

Blood, plasma, and platelet donations are highly impactful and encouraged this American Red Cross Month. Those who are recovering from surgeries, chronic illnesses, or traumatic injuries are all examples of people who need this lifesaving care. In fact, it’s reported that someone in the United States requires blood every two seconds, though only about 3% of people who are eligible to donate blood each year do so.

In other words, there’s nearly always a need for blood donations in the United States. So, if you are eligible and willing to give, use this annual celebration as a reason to go out and donate blood or platelets. Visit this link to book your donation appointment.

Volunteer Your Time

An impressive 90% of the American Red Cross’s workforce is made up of volunteers. So, just like blood donations, there are always volunteers needed by the American Red Cross. Though needs may vary by location, some of the most sought-after volunteers are blood donor ambassadors, blood transportation specialists, disaster action teams, and disaster mental health teams.

Based on your unique skills and interests, you may feel called to serve your community through one of these volunteering opportunities. Click here to learn more about available volunteer roles with the American Red Cross.

Learn a Lifesaving Skill

The American Red Cross is also encouraging people to join in this annual celebration by enrolling in a course to learn a lifesaving skill–like CPR or AED classes.

Life-threatening situations can occur at any time, so knowing how to respond can help to save a life. The organization shares that 5.85 million people enrolled in these training courses last year, so they’re hoping for even more individuals to take classes this year for better emergency preparedness in US communities. Find available training sessions in your area or online here.