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Eko Telemedicine

Wireless Auscultation

With the Eko CORE, clinicians wearing isolation gowns or face shields can wirelessly auscultate using the Eko mobile app and headphones without having to expose themselves to pathogens. No tubing needed.

Clear Lung Auscultation

Eko CORE provides high-fidelity lung auscultation with active noise cancellation to confidently detect crackles, rhonchi, or rales associated with pneumonia or ARDS.


Telemedicine offers access to quality care while reducing the potential for transmission and keeping high-risk patients out of clinics. DUO can provide real-time vital transmission of lung sounds or hearts sounds and ECG.

Eko AI for Cardiac Screening

Patients with underlying cardiovascular disease are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and have a worse prognosis. Eko AI can assist clinicians in monitoring cardiovascular function while treating patients.


Eko Telemedicine Highlights

Protecting Healthcare Workers

Eko helps protect healthcare workers who might otherwise be unexpectedly exposed to COVID-19 by in-person auscultation.

Remote Listening & Analysis

Eko enables Telehealth providers to listen to lung and heart sounds with confidence and analyze a rhythm strip for potentially life-threatening arrhythmias.

FDA-cleared AI

Eko is the only cardiovascular screening platform to provide AI-powered and FDA-cleared identification of common cardiac abnormalities such as AFib, tachycardia, and heart murmurs.

Live-stream Stethoscope Audio and ECG

Eko is the only platform that enables telehealth departments to live-stream stethoscope audio and ECGs between patients and providers, whether it be for clinic-to-clinic or clinic-to-home or clinic-to-quarantine site telehealth visits.

Health Systems Integration

Eko works right alongside the video conferencing platform a health system already has in place for video visits.

A Trusted Telehealth Partner

Eko is trusted by Telehealth departments across the country, including the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, University of Alabama Medical Center, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Sutter Health, Spectrum Health, University of Rochester Medical Center, UC Davis, and many more.

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring tools enable clinicians to provide high standards of care to patients while protecting their own health and the health of their loved ones. Telehealth will be an essential tool in our collective fight to #beatCOVID. With Eko Telemedicine, telehealth providers are able to listen to lung and heart sounds as if they are standing at the patient’s bedside. In response to COVID-19, health systems are also equipping high-risk patients with the tools they need to conduct thorough telemedicine visits from their homes. Clinician-to-patient telemedicine can help reduce the clinician’s risk but also the patient’s risk of acquiring COVID-19 during an unnecessary visit to a highly-trafficked ER or clinic. For patients with COVID-19 under active home monitoring, it also eases the patient load on hospitals who are struggling to find more patient beds. It is more important now than ever to take aggressive measures to flatten the curve and save lives.



Telemedicine in Clinics

Keeping clinicians safe

From rural clinics to large hospitals, telemedicine reduces exposure to clinicians by allowing them to auscultate patients virtually. Clinicians can quickly connect with specialists to assess patients with COVID 19 symptoms, maintain isolation protocols, and save costs by minimizing transportation.

Telemedicine with Remote Patients

Keeping at-risk patients safe

Eko stethoscopes can be used by a patient in their home to receive a cardiopulmonary exam from a specialist. This helps reduce the unnecessary risk of exposure by staying away from crowded medical offices and public infrastructure.


ACC COVID-19 Guidance

The guidance provided in this document is based on the best available published information and expert evaluation.

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