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Cardionics Manufacturer

  • Cardionics E-Scope II

    The second generation E-Scope® II has just been released. It is intended for general clinical use, medical education, Telemedicine and paramedic use in ambulances and medical helicopters. It amplifies the heart, breath, bowel or korotkoff sounds...

    $335.00 $300.00
  • Cardionics E-Scope II Headphone Model

    The second generation E-Scope® II Headphone has just been released. It is the perfect alternative for users with a hearing loss that utilize inner ear hearing aids. It features a convenient headphone set that fits over the ears and plugs into the...

    $430.00 $340.00
Cardionics is a manufacturer of medical electronic instruments specializing in the field of heart and lung sounds. This Texas-based corporation was founded in 1981. The officers have extensive experience in the medical field including general management, medical marketing, engineering and manufacturing. sells the the newly released E-scope II in both the standard and headset models. This product can be interfaced with the handheld Compac Ipac to develop a phonocardiogram of the sounds you are listening to.