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Why did you choose your stethoscope model? – Paramedic Edition

Posted by on Jun 24th 2016

While attending a recent Dolly Parton concert, I noticed one of the venue's paramedics standing nearby and wearing a Littmann Model 3100 Electronic Stethoscope.

Clearly this medical professional wants to provide the best care for her patients and has made an investment in one of the most advanced stethoscopes available today. During the intermission I asked: "Why did you choose your stethoscope model?" The reasons were simple; as a paramedic it was of the utmost importance to be able to clearly hear the different types of lung and heart sounds in the noisiest conditions. Concert venues and ambulances are a couple of examples. The Littmann Modes 3100 and 3200 both offer ambient noise reduction and body sound amplification by up to 24 times.

Happily that evening all of the stethoscopes rested comfortably around the paramedics necks as the audience enjoyed the concert without medical incident. Dolly Parton her band put on an amazing show. As Ms. Parton said: "I leave rhinestone unturned!"