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What is the best stethoscope for nursing or medical school?

What is the best stethoscope for nursing or medical school?

Posted by on Aug 21st 2018

We are often asked what is the best stethoscope for nursing or medical school? While offers a full range of stethoscope models (3M Littmann, ADC, Welch Allyn and more) in every color priced from as low as $20 to over $300 for some electronic models, we advocate for a student to purchase the best quality instrument his or her budget allows. Ultimately a stethoscope is an investment in your education, career and the well being of your patients. Lower quality models will affect your skill and productivity as well as will be less durable.

The variety of available stethoscope models can make this a confusing decision. Having the longest experience of selling stethoscopes on the Internet, we are here to help you. Here are some key considerations to help select a quality stethoscope for nursing or medical school:

  • Diaphragm - Is it adjustable to suit your acoustic needs?
  • Tubing - Does it isolate sound well? Is it the right length? Is it stain resistant?
  • Earpieces - Are they comfortable and replaceable?
  • Weight - Do you want a lightweight design?
  • Durability - Do you want your investment to last a lifetime?
  • Clean-ability - How easy is it to clean and disinfect?
  • Personalization - Can the bell be custom engraved with your name so you can keep your stethoscope as long as you want? ***Some retailers engrave the tubing. We find this degrades the tubing and shortens its useful life. 

If you would have further questions, please feel free to contact us.