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Showing Gratitude to Healthcare Workers this Thanksgiving

Showing Gratitude to Healthcare Workers this Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 26th 2020

Since the onset of COVID-19, streets have been inundated with lawn signs thanking healthcare professionals for their sacrifices. But, if you've had a more personal encounter with healthcare workers, what's the proper way to show gratitude?

Whether you have a family member in the field or a doctor/nurse that has aided in your own personal treatment, you may want to express your appreciation. With Thanksgiving around the corner, there are a number of gestures -- both grand and understated -- that can showcase your appreciation to the doctors and nurses in your life.

A Classic Card

When in doubt (or on a budget), a card is perhaps the easiest option. After all, it won't be the gesture of the card itself, but what you write inside of it. Naturally, the words “thank you” will crop up somewhere, but there are a number of ways you can write “thank you” without saying the words themselves.

Think about:

What specific acts of kindness said nurse/doctor displayed toward you during treatment. How you've adjusted your lifestyle or habits per their advice to make for a healthier future. Why that specific nurse or doctor's empathy and compassion stood out from the crowd for you.

Nurses and doctors have countless patients, so get specific about the impact they've made on you. Even if they don't need the details to remember the experience, they'll serve as a reminder as to why they chose this noble profession one day when they look back on the card.

Caffeine-Inspired Kudos

With the long shifts that doctors and nurses frequently work, especially during a pandemic, you most certainly can't go wrong with a caffeine-inspired gift. This can come in the form of a gift card to their favorite coffee shop (preferably near their office/hospital) or in the form of a personalized mug with a small bag of ground coffee.

Spread the Word

Write a letter to the administrative staff at the hospital where your favorite doctor or nurse works. In the letter, express your gratitude to that healthcare staff member and be descriptive about the ways they helped.

This can show their higher-ups what an integral part of the team they are, impacting their quality-of-life at work -- and the gratitude they receive from management.

Say it with a Stethoscope

If you truly want to make a lasting impression -- like the one they've made on you -- an engraved stethoscope can mean the world. The Littmann Classic III is one of the more affordable industry-standard models that your doctor or nurse are sure to make good use of.

It comes with countless options for finish type (stainless steel, copper, rainbow, etc.) and tubing color (from pearl pink to lemon-lime), allowing you to customize it to the style of its recipient.

Have it engraved with their name and the year to make for a truly sentimental token of your thankfulness.

Pay It Forward

If the healthcare worker you have in mind is reluctant to receive gifts, pay the act of kindness forward by making a donation in their name. Perhaps even ask which charity or cause means the most to them so as to add meaning to the gesture.

To inform them of the donation in their name, you can either ask the charity in question for a certificate or create one yourself.

This is a safe option that is sure to be appreciated by doctors and nurses who are hesitant to receive gifts, but with whom you have still forged a meaningful connection.