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Our Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Doctors and Nurses in 2019

Our Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Doctors and Nurses in 2019

Posted by on Dec 10th 2019

When you or a loved one has been through a health crisis, it's inevitable that you will feel close to the health team that helped you through a difficult time. As the holidays approach, you may be thinking of giving them a gift to show your appreciation. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please them.

For All Doctors

A brass edition of a classic stethoscope is sure to please any doctor on your list. Take it to the next level by having the stethoscope engraved and your favorite doctor will never have to worry about misplacing his or her stethoscope again.

This brass edition 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope has a unique feature that helps it stand out from the crowd. Instead of having a two-sided diaphragm, this one simply has a tunable diaphragm. Light pressure on the chest will enable the physician to hear low-frequency sounds while applying more firm pressure will enable him to hear high-frequency sounds.

Furthermore, the brass finish denotes respect and sophistication, all qualities you surely attribute to your doctor and that they will be proud to highlight in their practice with this limited edition item.

For Nurses

There are several features of stethoscopes that can make them stand out from the crowd, and this 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope has them all. First, it features a tunable diaphragm, which was created by 3M. This is an invaluable tool while she assesses her patient.

Next, the tubing on this stethoscope is not made from latex, so the nurse won't need to worry about the possibility of triggering a latex-sensitive patient. The tubing retains its shape and its flexibility, even if it is wrapped up or shoved in a pocket. The headset tension is easily adjustable and the ear tips are snapped in firmly so they won't come off.

One of the best features for this particular stethoscope, however, is the color options. One of the most popular colors this season is the champagne burgundy. You can even have this stethoscope engraved to make it truly unique.

For Pediatricians

The emotionally-charged work of a pediatrician never ends, so show them appreciation for handling your child’s care with one of these three amusing and adorable additions to their practice.

Benjamin Bear Blood Pressure Kit

Even the youngest patient will smile when the pediatrician takes out this Benjamin Bear blood pressure kit . The colorful armband features a smiling bear face and the bulb is a bear. It will keep a small patient's mind occupied so they don't cry while the doctor takes their blood pressure. It's latex-free so all patients can use it.

PediaPals Reflex Hammer

This sweet PediaPals giraffe reflex hammer can clip onto the doctor's pocket, so it is always peeking out at the patient. The patient may even want to play with it while the doctor is performing the rest of the assessment. With the giraffe's face in place of the hammer, the doctor can 'kiss' the patient's knee instead of tapping it, bringing giggles to young patients.

Dinosaur Stethoscope Cover

When other pediatricians see this dinosaur stethoscope cover , they'll want one too! Doctors can be scary to younger children, but when they walk in with a dinosaur around their neck, they won't seem so scary after all. The cover simply threads over the stethoscope and is machine washable.

Cheer up your favorite doctor or nurse this holiday season with one of these innovative and thoughtful gifts.