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National Doctors' Day: How to Celebrate at Your Hospital

National Doctors' Day: How to Celebrate at Your Hospital

Posted by on Mar 15th 2022

On March 30, communities come together to celebrate the life-changing medical professionals that serve them. National Doctors’ Day marks an annual tribute to physicians everywhere, with messages of appreciation and gestures of gratitude marking this special day.

According to the Southern Medical Association, the first observance of this national holiday dates back to 1933, when the idea for the occasion was conceived by the wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond. The date chosen was in commemoration of Dr. Crawford Long’s first successful administration of anesthesia in a surgical procedure.

Today, observance of the occasion begins in the workplace. There are numerous ways that hospital administrators and medical facilities can show appreciation to the doctors on their staff.

1) Gift engraved stethoscopes.

Round up the top-performing doctors on your staff and honor them with the gift of an engraved stethoscope. This elegant and sophisticated token of appreciation is not only practical, it is also one of the most memorable ways to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

There are a number of stethoscope engraving ideas depending on how you wish to personalize it. You can keep it professional with a simple engraving of their name and credentials, or you can even inscribe it with a memorable saying, such as your facility’s slogan.

2) Offer gift cards.

Another practical yet highly-appreciated gesture involves the distribution of gift cards to medical supply retailers. These allow doctors to purchase all sorts of supplies for their practice, such as new scrubs, diagnostic sets, and more.

This is an excellent gift for a larger staff, as it can be more cost-effective and easy to hand out. Electronic gift certificates can also be an extremely convenient way to go, saving you time and money, while still ensuring your staff remains satisfied.

3) Host a banquet.

Perhaps your facility has achieved some major milestones this year, or maybe you just find that your staff is in need of reconnecting. Hosting a special banquet in recognition of all those who devote their time and energy is a great way to ensure everyone is fed, relationships remain strong, and your staff remains happy.

Even something as simple as a one-time, all-day gourmet catering service in the hospital cafeteria will strongly boost morale.

4) Place cards & banners.

Don’t just say your part, show it! Invite patients and other staff members to sign messages of appreciation in the form of banners or large cards. Paste these up all around your hospital or clinic’s walls, or place them in common areas where doctors can take in the kind sentiments between patients.

This will show your facility’s care for its staff while also brightening up the workplace with words of encouragement.

5) Give awards & plaques.

Perhaps you want to spotlight some particularly hard-working doctors that have accomplished some incredible feats in the past year. Give away awards and plaques for remarkable achievements. Though simple and straightforward, they add an element of prestige.

Furthermore, your proud medical staff can then display these in their offices for patients to see.