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Littmann CORE Digital: The Most Advanced Stethoscope Yet

Littmann CORE Digital: The Most Advanced Stethoscope Yet

Posted by on Oct 29th 2020

The innovative minds at 3M have recently partnered with device manufacturer Eko Health to develop the most advanced stethoscope yet: The 3M LittmannĀ® CORE Digital Stethoscope. Using groundbreaking technology, 3M and Eko have managed to deliver a stethoscope that could forever change the accuracy and efficiency with which clinicians diagnose heart and lung complications.

This new release arrives on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, which can often manifest in cardiac and respiratory difficulties. As such, a game-changing stethoscope of this kind couldn't have arrived at a better moment.

Digital assessments

The Littmann CORE Digital stethoscope provides both analog and digital auscultation options for clinicians to assess and monitor their patients' well-being. It connects to Eko's software (which is available for iOS, Android, and Windows) where it uses AI algorithms that more easily detect heart murmurs and other peculiarities.

Furthermore, the software allows you to capture and save 15, 30, 60, or 120-second recordings of a patient's stethoscope reading to allow for a more comprehensive documentation of their case history. This method is FDA-cleared and HIPAA-compliant for complete confidentiality and peace of mind.

Enhanced audio capabilities

Perhaps the most notable advancement is the ability for up to 40x amplification on the Littmann CORE Digital. This is with maximum volume at peak frequency (125 Hz) versus analog mode, though practitioners can toggle between analog and amplified listening modes easily.

It also has exceptional noise cancelling capabilities to reduce all unwanted background sounds while auscultating. The soft-sealing ear tips are also made to serve as an acoustic seal.

Profound accuracy

With advanced technology comes advanced monitoring we weren't capable of before. The Littmann CORE Digital's ultra smart design allows you to swiftly adjust how you listen during assessments. One such way it does so is through "tunable diaphragm technology" -- a feature invented by 3M.

Tunable diaphragm technology means you can hear different frequency sounds by simply changing the amount of pressure you put on the chestpiece. Hold it with light pressure to hear low frequency sounds, such as blood flow or the lub dub of the heart. Press a little harder to hear high frequency sounds, such as breathing or some high-pitched murmurs related to aortic insufficiency.

Beyond auscultation

The new Littmann CORE digital isn't just renowned for the features that make the assessment process more efficient, it's about filling in another critical component of an increasingly automated world.

Through HIPAA compliant means, patient heart assessments can be logged to be securely sent to other health professionals and build a more cohesive case history. Furthermore, monitoring the progression of various conditions becomes far more feasible, thus allowing headway in medical knowledge that could not have otherwise been obtained.