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How to Save on Stethoscopes this Holiday Season

How to Save on Stethoscopes this Holiday Season

Posted by on Nov 1st 2022

If you’re looking to update your studies or practice with top-tier tools, now is the time to check out! From November 1-15 you can get $15 off all Littmann Cardiology IV and Master Cardiology stethoscopes. These stethoscopes are the perfect investment for any medical professional looking to make their job a little easier, and in style!

Littmann Cardiology IV

The Littmann Cardiology IV is the most popular model for medical professionals and students. Why? Its acoustic versatility goes unmatched by other stethoscopes on the market. Quickly turn the chest piece to attune the acoustic readings to children or adults. You’ll get easy-to-hear detailed resonances for both high and low frequencies with little interference every time, all on the same side of the stethoscope.

Furthermore, this stethoscope offers some of the most diverse colorways. From shades like the ever-popular Rainbow Plum Violet, featuring an iridescent chestpiece, to tubing hues like Pink, Hunter Green, and Caribbean Blue, you’re sure to find a style that suits its recipient.

We also made sure to include latex-free tubing, which makes use more comfortable for professionals and patients with sensitive skin or allergies. The tubing and ear pieces are soft, pliable, and well-crafted so you can rest assured that your stethoscope is always ready to go! Wearing a Littmann stethoscope shows your dedication to your work and to your patients.

Master Cardiology

The 3M Littmann Master Cardiology is one of our best sellers for serious professionals. This American made 3M model allows you to hear a wider range of frequencies with an easy adjustment of hand pressure by using our state-of-the-art chestpiece. Gone are the days of turning over the chestpiece to try to hear high and low pitches. Now you can simply press the chestpiece lightly against your patient’s chest or back to hear lower frequencies and press with greater pressure to hear higher frequencies.

This piece was designed with patient comfort in mind too. The non-chill rim avoids uncomfortable, overly cold moments of shock as the chestpiece touches their skin. This subtle touch can bring greater physical and mental relaxation to the patient.

The headset is equally important when choosing a stethoscope. The Littmann Master Cardiology model is easily adjustable for any head size. Simply squeeze the headset together or pull apart the ear tubes as needed. The eartips are designed to meld to your individual ear shape for the best acoustic seal. The eartips are tight-fitting on the ear tubes, so you can rely on your tools to stay put every single day, even during frequent use.

Every set is crafted for maximum durability. The natural latex and phthalate-free rubber tubing means you can fold your stethoscope into your pocket and unfold it like new, maintaining its shape and flexibility and even resisting daily contact with skin oils.

Personalize Your Choices

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for a special doctor, nurse, or other medical professional in your life, why not take advantage of this promotion and add a personal engraving to the stethoscope? Choose from a variety of stethoscope colors to best suit their personality and finish it with their title and name. This customizable option is the perfect gift to make your loved one (and their patients) smile!