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How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Residency

How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Residency

Posted by on Feb 11th 2022

Becoming a resident at a hospital is something you have been working towards for years. Now you have successfully got through medical school, it is time to start preparing for your residency on the horizon!

According to the American College of Physicians, undertaking a residency can be an intense learning experience. This is especially true for first-year residents, who need to pick up on and perfect new clinical skills quickly. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your transition to residency is a smooth one!

  • Pick somewhere to live in close proximity to the hospital. As a first-year resident, you will likely have lots on your mind. As much as you will be enjoying your medical work, there will likely be times when you feel the stress. It is a good idea to find somewhere close to the hospital to live so that you can minimize any stresses related to commuting.
  • Set expectations for your family and friends. Since becoming a resident is an immersive experience, you are likely to have much less free time than you had before. Make sure your family and friends understand that your availability will be impacted by your new role.
  • Make personal wellness a priority. Similarly to the point above, you need to place lots of focus on keeping yourself healthy both physically and mentally. Carve some time out for activities that relax you such as reading or jogging. Also, take advantage of any intern support groups you might find! These are great for making friends with other new interns and give you a chance to talk about your feelings with people going through similar situations. Make yourself known to the senior physician and program director - they can mentor you as of when you need it.
  • Time to upgrade your equipment! Now you will become a full-time resident, this is a great chance to upgrade from your training equipment. Consider investing in higher-quality diagnostic sets and stethoscopes. You can’t go wrong with a Littmann stethoscope!
  • Refresh your knowledge. Sure, you might feel ready to jump in and participate in your residency program. However, it won’t hurt to top up your knowledge and go over your notes before getting started. If anything, a quick review of your textbooks will give you a confidence boost before joining your new hospital!
  • File your articles for quick access. Since you will be pressed for time after starting your residency, any information you need should be easily accessible. Instead of trawling the internet or your files for specific information about a particular disease, make it easy to find by categorizing all your articles by disease.