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Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Your Hospital

Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Your Hospital

Posted by on Sep 27th 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming up. All October, medical professionals, survivors, and loved ones of those affected by breast cancer all team up to show their support. Breast cancer is a disease that affects nearly 13% of women during their lifetime. By educating more people about regular screenings, this number can hopefully be reduced in the decades to come.

Provide Free Resources

Information is one of the top life-saving tools against breast cancer. Early detection can increase a patient’s chances of survival, but they need to be properly reminded and informed about when and how to get checked. By supplying resources like pamphlets and brochures, your patients can be prompted to ask about getting a mammogram and doing regular breast checks.

You may also find it useful to provide online guides and resources on your hospital website. Clean and attractive infographics can draw in attention and get your message across in a clear manner. Make sure to include important statistics and details like the increased survival rate from early detection, how to get checked, and where they can contact your hospital to get started.

Gear Up

Show your support by exchanging your regular medical equipment with new gear in the iconic pink color and ribbon motif, representing breast cancer awareness.

We offer stethoscopes in a metallic pink that will pop against your scrubs. The ADC 603 General Diagnostic Stethoscope has the same high quality you’re used to, just in a new design. This model offers a combination diaphragm and bell chestpiece made from surgical stainless steel that provides outstanding accuracy in both low and high frequency responses.

You can also promote awareness by picking up some new shears in bright pink with pink ribbon motifs. These ADC’s MiniMedicut Shears are a smaller version of our best-selling shears. The blade is crafted by razor sharp surgical stainless steel with serrated edges. This smaller sized model is perfect for cutting bandages, tape, clothing, and other tasks common in nursing.

If you’re looking for a new pocket set, this aneroid kit has everything you need. Represent breast cancer awareness month with our finest pocket aneroid and one of our most popular acoustic scopes. This set comes with an extra large carry case donning the iconic pink breast cancer ribbons, perfect for workers on-the-go like nurses, PA’s, and EMTs.

By choosing breast cancer awareness gear, you’ll be able to serve as a reminder of support to patients and staff alike, kindling a sense of togetherness.

Hold a Fundraiser

Another popular way to garner encouragement for the cause is to hold a fundraiser at your hospital. You can start small by selling breast cancer awareness wristbands and donating the earnings to charities that provide education and invest in research for cures and treatments.

You could also consider starting a marathon. This has the potential to raise a large amount of money for the same resources and also gain a large amount of attention to the cause. It’s also a great opportunity for people who have been affected by the disease to come together.

The most important thing is that you don’t stay silent and that your hospital chooses to advocate for those who have been or may be impacted by breast cancer.