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4 Solutions for Hard-of-Hearing Healthcare Workers

4 Solutions for Hard-of-Hearing Healthcare Workers

Posted by on May 12th 2022

Being a physician, nurse, or another professional in the healthcare field may pose some challenges if they are struggling with hearing loss and don’t seek help. Fortunately, now there are an increasing number of options to remedy the barrier that loss of hearing can sometimes create between healthcare professionals and patients.

New devices are being introduced to help make communication clearer and more effective. Hard-of-hearing healthcare professionals can now work with greater ease and create better rapport with patients thanks to new technological advancements.

Bluetooth-Compatible Hearing Aids

After completing a hearing test, professionals can begin the process of choosing the type of hearing aids that will best fit their job and work environment. There are a variety of models on the market to help suit each individual’s needs.

Many healthcare workers who need hearing assistance could benefit from Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids. This allows professionals to connect their hearing aids to other devices like computers, laptops, televisions, smartphones, and smartwatches. This helps enhance hearing if necessary when communicating on all devices.

Bluetooth hearing aids can also help minimize background noise for busy healthcare workers who need to avoid overstimulation of the ears and stay focused.

FDA-Approved Surgical Facemasks With Clear Windows

Professionals may also facilitate better communication by investing in FDA-approved facemasks with a clear interface. A large portion of communication is visual, so when hearing impairment is coupled with disguised facial expressions, comprehension can become even more difficult.

Approved and regulated face masks that still allow expressions and lip movements to be visible can help avoid the transmission of diseases and eliminate some of the barriers blocking the connection between professionals and patients.

Ultra-Amplified Digital Stethoscopes

Hearing is essential to correctly interpret symptoms detected by stethoscopes. Quality medical equipment like the Littmann CORE Digital is ideal for correct diagnosis and prevention for those with hearing impairment. This stethoscope amplifies sound up to 40x and can conveniently help cancel out loud background noises that often occur in medical offices or hospitals.

Medical workers can also profit from the in-app sound wave visualization and playback features so they can fully and accurately get a picture of the patient’s cardiac health. Newer stethoscopes like this also allow the healthcare worker to switch between the type of frequencies heard by changing the pressure and level of touch used. They can even connect to Bluetooth hearing aids for the best sound resolution possible.

AMPHL for Additional Resources

For further resources, we suggest connecting with AMPHL. The Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses is a non-profit organization that assists healthcare workers and medical students across the globe.

They provide an abundance of resources, such as information about new technology directed toward improving the working environment of professionals with hearing impairments, access to mentors, information about finding interpreters, and general support for healthcare workers who need assistance.

Hearing loss doesn’t need to affect healthcare professionals from thriving in their medical careers. In fact, new technology provides each worker with the ability to choose their own personalized support.